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We carefully take of your parrot while your away. You need a current vet check, and our rates are 10.00 per day.

Each parrot given to our care visits Dr. Dahlhausen and carefully placed according to its needs. We do our best through referrals and visits to insure parrot happiness!

Please contact us for availability and forms for adoption. We require a visit and we do background checks for the best home for all our parrots

NKPR honors our military!!

Virtual adoptions are needed for disabled parrots. The first picture is a mealy amazon, Mitchie, banded in the 1980's that had a massive stroke and is partially paralyzed on his left side. Second is the blue crown conure, Buz. He was rescued with a severe crop infection and infected nostrils. He also has very limited mobility with his right foot. The red lord amazon is in his 30's and has nerve damage to his left foot. Last but not least is the congo grey Rocky. He has had 2 surgeries on his nostrils. They were not opened properly and he had tubes through his nose for 2 months.